The Women’s History Month Celebration and event (WHM@CH, WHM@LV) is an annual with a “social-conscience”. The organization founded by Ngozi Bell was inaugurated in 2017 by a group of Lehigh Valley women, forming it first organizing whm@ch cohort. The first Women’s History Month @ City Hall (WHM@CH) was held on March 17 2018, in partnership with the Allentown Mayor and City Hall. The second event was on March 23 2019. The third was scheduled for March 21 2020. The 2021 event will be on Saturday March 20 2021, our first ever virtual event. While all our speakers and presenters are women and girls, attendance is open to men, young adults and boys.

Vision: An annual event that showcases women of all persuasions, age and outlook who shine light in dark places, raise bars that are lopsided or low, move barriers that impede and fill in chasms that divide. We use our spoken words, our unity in diversity, our gifts, talents, capabilities and capacities to bring about the unending beauty of a "living positive change" outcome that empowers all women and the people that believe in and support them!

Mission: To bring women into the manifest power of partnership, friendship, love and unity that our common thread of womanhood bestows on us. We do this by coming together to speak, to act, to initiate and to lead. We will use our gathering each year and in-between to introduce ourselves to the voices, activities, and challenges of our women-neighbors and lend an ear to hear, a hand to help and a heart to heal. We will always strive to create a platform that allows each one have a springboard to the activities she is most gifted for.

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ABOUT WHM@LV2021 An exceptional conference and event featuring excellent speakers, panelists, global cultures, music, dance and so much more. Attendance - Attracts a diverse audience of more than 500 male and female professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, artists, students....people! Don't miss it!

Over 500 expected & Diverse

Saturday, March 20 - Doors open at 11.30 Join the V- Games and Networking

Speakers & Presenters - Influential, Excellent!

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